Capturing elegance through classic design and exquisite craftsmanship, Myriam Schaefer’s line of handbags has set itself apart in the world of luxury. Her pieces are enriched by her discerning eye for understated detail, developed through her storied career designing iconic handbags for some of the most esteemed houses in high fashion. Challenging the notion that handbags be constrained by seasons and trends, Schaefer has dedicated her line to creating collectible bags that epitomize timelessness and luxury.

Prioritizing quality at the most elevated standard of luxury, every bag is handmade in Italy using the finest leather on the market. Further enhancing their stature as collectible pieces, each handbag is individually marked with a serial number in the same way garments have been in the tradition of haute couture.

Equally striving to achieve utmost functionality in her designs, Schaefer regards weightlessness and versatility as some of the most defining elements of each style she creates. “I believe that the convenience of a bag infinitely enhances its beauty,” she says. Ultimately it is the experience of true luxury for the women she designs for that drives Myriam Schaefer to create handbags unparalleled in their craftsmanship and elegance.